Seul Parmi Tous (35MM B/W photo, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, 2013)

Seul Parmi Tous (35MM B/W photo, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, 2013)


Using a 500MM telephoto lens and shooting as far as 12FT from the subjects, Thierry got the idea for the project while watching wildlifephotography. Just like how it is challenging in wildlife photography to approach the animals in a non-intrusive manner for fear of affecting their behavior, Thierry works to capture and magnify honest if not evocative moments on the human faces of everyday people, in their most natural states, in public spaces.

Thierry Loa is an interdisciplinary visual and media artist

Having studied multimedia arts, philosophy, film studies and geography, Thierry has been working in various visual and media disciplines, on a diverse and mixed array of projects such as narrative films, interactive cinema, video installations, new media design, and photography. In 2018, he completed his feature film 20-22 OMEGA (111min), a "Civilization Symphony" which explores the posthumanism in the epoch of the Anthropocene. In 2018/19, he then started project 21-22, sequel to 20-22, which will produce a series of 360VR films for continuing the exploration of the Anthropocene. His fields of interest and research include Art, Cinema, Literature, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Geography, Technology, and Media Theory.